Marcus Tardrew

Name: Marcus Tardrew

Location: West OZ 

Discipline: Downwind, Surf, Thieving (dockstart to unsuspecting boat wash), wind Ding 

Favorite setup: 

Dw=new GL180 with tips\ cause it’s fast

Surf= GL140/ perfect mix of surfability and pump ability 

Thieving = GL210/ pumps all day, super forgiving off the dock and still surfs the slow boats well

Wing Ding= GL140/ fast and maneuverable 

Haven’t been on go foil long but so far I Always have the short bottom mount pedestal with 14.5 flipped tip rear for everything so far. About to experiment with a chopped down flat rear. 

Other Sponsors: Sunova and Stand Up Surf Shop (but I work for them so they have no choice really :) Australian government could be my next sponsor ;)

Instagram: @marcus_tardrew

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