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      Jason Breen

      Jason Breen

      Location: Newport Beach

      Discipline:Prone,Sup,Wing, Downwind.

      Favorite Set Up: NL160, 14.5" FTL 32.5 "Mast  My favorite discipline is wing foiling in the waves. It's like getting towed in at speed with the freedom to do it solo. It is common to get 25 plus waves each session and the speed and glide of the NL or GT is perfect for me.
      I ride an AMOS shaped custom peregrine.

      Sup: NL 190 or NL 160, FTS 14.5" is a great set up and works for me having a combination of speed and glide.

      Prone: NL 190 OR GL 180 WITH the 14.5" FTS on the Casey pilot 5'3" is great for learning and progression to linking waves.

      Downwind: I wingfoil down wind a lot. Using the wing to start is a benefit and eliminates the paddle up. Parking the wing behind or beside me. I use the NL190 and in quicker conditions the NL 160 all with the FTL 14.4" for glide.

      Other sponsors:
      I am supported by Duotone Australia &
      WSS Boards


      Johnny Hagan

      Johnny Hagan

      Location: Gold Coast
      Discipline: Surf, SUP, Tow, DW, Wing, Kite
      Favourite set up:
      Prone & SUP Surf: NL 130 or NL 160, short pedestal, 14.5 Flip tip Tail. These wings give you great manoeuvrability, with enough pump to be able to catch multiple waves. I have been using a shim with the NL 130 which increases the lift for such a small wing.
      SUP Downwind: 32.5 Mast, NL 190, Long Pedestal, 18 Flat rear. This setup allows for great straight line speed with the clearance of the bigger mast allowing for less time touching down on the surface when going over ocean bumps.
      Wing: 32.5 Mast, NL 130, Long Pedestal, 14.5 Flip tip Tail. The longer pedestal works perfect for winging as it allows for better stability at higher speeds with still having great manoeuvrability with the smaller wing.  The NL 130 is great for landing airs.  
      Other sponsors: Deep Oceanboards, Waterman Store, Echelonsurf, 1Sup1, RMC Recovery Massage Centre
      Instagram: @johnjohnhagan

      Jamie Hawkins

      Jamie Hawkins


      Name: Jamie Hawkins

      Location: Gold Coast Beach breaks, Australia

      Preferred GoFoil setup for the following:

      Prone: 4'6" 40L DC, NL 190, 14.5" FTS, 32.5/83cm Mast

      6'3" 135L DC, GL 240, Kai Tail, 32.5/83cm Mast

      Other Sponsors: DC Foils

      Instagram: @jmehwk