Zane Westwood

Location: Northern Beaches Sydney

Discipline: Prone Foiling

Favorite GF set up & why: 
It would be between the GL140 and GL120 with the flat pedestal tail wing and 29.5 mast. Both are epic setups that give me that surf-feeling I’ve been chasing on the foil. I like to alternate between these two wings depending on the conditions. The GL140 is great for those days when there are clean lines with a long period swell and for pumping back out to catch another sick one! The GL140 holds super well when going through long, drawn out turns and it pumps amazing! The GL120 to me is more of a performance surf wing as it has a great surfy feel to it. I ride it more in short period, 2-3ft swells when you can connect many waves together. I really like the tight arcs you can do on it. It has a higher top speed which is super fun and helps a lot when gliding through those flatter sections.

Other sponsors: Amos shapes, WSS boards

Instagram: @zane_westwood

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