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      John "JJ" White

      John "JJ" White

      Location: South Coast NSW

      Disciplines: Prone & winging 

      Favourite GF setup & Why:

      1. Prone surf foiling: RS1150 foil with FTS tail. The RS1150 has an excellent performance envelope. It’s great in turns and pumps back out surprisingly fast. I also love my RS1300 in tiny waves and have the RS1000 handy for bigger waves and more difficult drops. The FTS tail is genius - it makes any GoFoil wing go even better!

      2. Wind wing: 4.5m and 5.5m GoWings. The GoFoil wind wings are built beautifully and these 2 sizes get me into swells when the wind is anything between 10-25 knots.”

       Insta: @hydrofoil_sa


      Ke'ale Dorries

      Ke'ale Dorries

      Location: Gold Coast,QLD

      Discipline: Prone and SUP foiling

      Set upGL 180 perfect all rounder for all conditions, surf, sup or downwind!

      Other sponsors:

      DEEP ocean Boards

      Blackfish Paddles

      Waterman Store Australia

      waterman store international

      Surf life physio

      VMG Blades

      F45 Currumbin

      Budgy Smuggler



      Instagram: @kealedorries

      Dylan Henry

      Dylan Henry

      Location: Merewether  

      Preferred GoFoil setup for the following:

      Prone: Every session i pretty much use the 32.5"/83cm Plate mast, with RS1150 and 14.5" FTS seems to be my go to, i might change the front wing to EZ1275 for slower smaller waves or even the RS1300/ PNL185 for prone downwind. But mainly the RS1150/GT1250 as is surfs, pumps and flows great. My Prone boards at the moment at JS Black Eagle 5'2 & 4'10

      Funnily enough the good old SUP Dylan has not been on the SUP as much now haha, but same as my prone set up. My board is the Kalama Performance E3 5'4 x 26 at 104L

      All depends on the conditions but i tend to use the 36.5"/ 93cm mast with 14.5" FTS tail and front wing RS650, RS1000, GT1050 or GT750 on the Kalama Performance E3 tow 3'10 at 19L 

      Depending on wind strength i use the GO 4.5m, 5.5m, 6.5m square model wind wing with 14.5" FTL tail and variety of big front wings like the GL240, GT2200 or even the M280 on my 5'4 Kalama

      I use a 75cm mast, GT2200, GT1400 or RS1300 depending on conditions with 20” or 14.5” FT tails on my Kalama Performance 6'5 x 23.5 at 116L downwind board.

      Other sponsors:
       Burton Toyota, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Blade Clothing Co, SUP Newcastle, Kalama Performance 

      Instagram: @supdylan 

      Dave Connaughton

      Dave Connaughton

      Location: Broulee NSW

      Preferred GoFoil setup for the following:

      29.5"/75cm plate mast, NL190 & 14.5" FTS on the 5'6 Kalama E3 SUP

      Rob Gittoes

      Rob Gittoes

      Location: Forresters Beach

      Discipline: Sup Foil, Prone Foil, Wing Foil

      Favorite GF Setup:  32.5” mast & all GL wings

      Other Sponsors: Jimmy Lewis Boards

      Instagram: @robg1703