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      VERSION 2 - Same great helmet with an upgraded click-in safety strap and streamlined neck protector.

      DMC fins / SOFT SURF HELMET™ SSH™ is a thermoformed headgear with peak and neck protector.  
      Made from non-porous NBR foam encased in nylon elastane the SSH is designed to protect reasonable impact in all extreme water sports conditions. 
      It’s super lightweight - weighing less than 100g and constructed to allow water flow and therefore will not balloon or try to remove your head if face planted in a wave; for example. 
      The SOFT SURF HELMET ™ by DMC fins is worn and endorsed  
      by Tom Carroll - 2 times World Surfing Champion and avid SUP and Foil Surfer. 
      Tom was test pilot for DMC from early prototyping and is now a devotee of SSH. 
      "I've been usiny my DMC SOFT SURF HELMET since prototype stage and am so used to using it i cannot surf without it.
      SSH protects everything i need and gives me peace of mind during all surf sports and extreme activities. It's a must for the extreme sport enthusiast."
      Tom Carroll 
      2 X World Surfing Champion